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A New Level Of Orthopedic Care

Blythe Orthopedics & Spine in Nashville, Tennessee, is a forward-thinking practice that embraces innovative treatments and techniques, including the use of advanced technology. Experienced orthopedic surgeon Joseph Blythe, DO, and nurse practitioner Bethany Gillin, NP, aim to provide patients with a prompt and accurate diagnosis and follow up with the most appropriate and effective treatments.

Patients at Blythe Orthopedics & Spine benefit from a range of nonsurgical treatments, including physical therapy, medication management, and steroid injections, to relieve pain and improve mobility. The team also uses regenerative medicine techniques such as stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, exciting new biological treatments that use the patient's own healing cells in concentrated form to encourage tissue growth and repair. These approaches are effective ways of managing a range of conditions, from knee and other joint pain to numerous causes of back pain. The team also assesses and treats injuries that patients suffer in motor vehicle accidents, and handles workers’ compensation claims in conjunction with the state’s workers' compensation board.

Joseph Blythe, DO

Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and Orthopedic Specialist.

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Bethany Gillin, NP

Certified Nurse Practitioner

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